Moroccan Oil Curl Control Mousse 150 ml

Moroccan Oil Curl Control Mousse 150 ml

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Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse

Control curly, coily and tightly-spiraled hair with no crunch: Moroccanoil© Curl Control Mousse tames, defines and provides hold for hours, sealing in moisture and preventing frizzy hair in any weather.

Size: 150 ml

Hair Type & Condition: For curly to tightly spiraled hair

Features & Benefits:
  • Lightweight yet powerful formula
  • Provides soft, smooth hair with a natural texture and no sticky residue

Usage Instructions:
    • Apply a generous amount of Moroccanoil© Curl Control Mousse to clean, towel-dried hair
    • For best results, gently scrunch hair with hands from ends, lifting toward the roots, and allow hair to dry naturally

    Reapply to dry hair throughout the day or the next day to refresh curls, reduce frizz and revive hair