Kevin Murphy Colouring.Angels (Cool.Angel) 250 ml

Kevin Murphy Colouring.Angels (Cool.Angel) 250 ml

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Kevin Murphy Colouring.Angels (Cool.Angel)

A family of four colour enhancing treatments. Designed to improve the condition of all hair types, impart a lustrous shine and offer a range of tonal solutions. The pigments have been selected to enhance existing tones, neutralise unwanted tones and improve colour longevity without building up on the hair.

Size: 250 ml & 1000 ml

Features & Benefits:
  • Sulphate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Colour pigments
  • Tone and enhance
  • Neutralise unwanted tones
  • Create shine
  • Nourish with moisture
  • Protect
  • Illuminating shine
  • Cool ash colour enhancing shine treatment
Usage Instructions:
    Wet Hair. Shampoo first. Apply the desired COLOURING.ANGEL. Wait 3-5 mins and rinse.