Gehwol Fusskraft Green 500 ml

Gehwol Fusskraft Green 500 ml

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Gehwol Fusskraft Green

Helps prevent foot odour, naturally fresh.

Gehwol Fusskraft Green for normal skin contains the active substance complex Deozinc in a rapidly absorbed, nourishing cream base with shea butter, jojoba oil and aloe vera for long lasting protection against foot odour.

Size: 75 ml & 500 ml

Skin Type & Condition: For all skin types, especially those with sweaty feet and foot odour

Features & Benefits:
  • Sweating is normalised. The feet become fresh, odourless, smooth and silky.
  • Proven disinfecting active substances help to prevent infections, itching and blisters between the toes.
  • Natural volatile oils, enlivening camphor and cooling menthol soothe burning and aching feet.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Also suitable for diabetics.