Davines The Purity Circle Hair Mask 50 ml

Davines The Purity Circle Hair Mask 50 ml

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Davines The Purity Circle Hair Mask

Reviving, purifying and antioxidants calp and hair mask that removes impurities from pollution (dust, heavy metals) and completes the perfect purifying routine.

Size: 50 ml & 750 ml

Features & Benefits:
  • Anti-pollution and anit-oxidant
  • New life to scalp and hair
  • Alto potere condizionante
  • High conditioning effect
Usage Instructions:
  • Pre shampoo: apply to dry scalp and hair. Process for 10 minutes, and rinse. Proceed with the most suitable shampoo and treatment.
  • Post shampoo: apply to towel-dried scalp and hair after shampooing. Process for 10 minutes, comb through and rinse accurately with water. Proceed with blow-drying.
    • Scalp: apply The Purity Circle(either pre-shampoo or post shampoo) for a purifying effect.
    • Lengths and Ends: apply The Circle Chronicles Mask in line with your individual needs.