Davines Pasta & Love Shaving Gel 150 ml

Davines Pasta & Love Shaving Gel 150 ml

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Davines Pasta & Love Shaving Gel

Davines Pasta & Love is now even better equipped to meet the grooming needs of your male clients. Inspired by the modern Italians' love for quality of life and attention to detail, the sophisticated assortment helps to create a beautifully simple, yet pampering, routine. With three new products on the way this fall, clients can enjoy an even more enhanced self-care experience!

An added bonus is these delightfully scented, innovative, sustainable and multi-benefit formulas are packed in recycled glass bottles that are 100% carbon neutral. With so much to love, these also make for a great retailing opportunity in the salon, as well as a fantastic gift for you or someone you care about!

Pasta & Love Shaving Gel, a highly versatile and transparent brushless gel, it's ideal for anyone seeking utmost precision when shaving.

Size: 150 ml

Skin Type & Condition: For all skin types