Davines A Single Shampoo 250 ml

Davines A Single Shampoo 250 ml

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Davines A Single Shampoo

A single shampoo is non - perfect product, it is a statement of sustainability. From the formula to the container, a single shampoo is an atypical product, made in its own way. It does not seduce, does not declare, does not boast anything. A single shampoo is the symbol of Davines' journey to do better and to be better for the world.

Size: 250 ml & 1000 ml

Hair Type & Condition: For all hair types

Features & Benefits:
  • Professional performance combined with sustainability
  • Offers a mild and gentle cleansing
  • Provides hydration with an elasticizing action
  • Suitable for everyday usage on all hair types
  • Can be combined with any suitable conditioner or mask from the assortment
  • 100% Natural origin active ingredients (quinoa, and carbohydrate), slow food olive oil surfactant